Halcyone is:
A dreamer with a practical bent.
In the early stages of what will be a long and creative career.
Probably insane - but you'll likely find it to be an entertaining insanity, though not always for the reasons she wants to believe that you do (please don't destroy her delusions in this matter).
Addicted to speed. No, not that kind of speed, you drug minded people, you. Ask her about Formula One. Or how she wanted to be a jockey when she was very young.
Mildly obsessive and more than a little bit determined and persistent. 
Endlessly curious and always fascinated by the world she finds herself in.
A geek and scifi lover - she will dominate your computer and then use it to watch obscene amounts of scifi and fantasy programming.
Ready to take over the world - no, she will not discuss (at this time) the mechanisms currently in place to facilitate this take over.


She is also:

A lover of animals.
A California native and delighted by that fact
Always excited to be a part of creative, fun projects put together by her friends (and other people too…)